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  • Hormones in Horses and Humans

    Hormones in Horses and Humans

    Hormones in Horses and Humans Do hormonal fluctuations wreak havoc on your attitude and performance, or your horses’? Do you dread when it is “that time of the month” for yourself…  or for your mare? The reproductive system of females is under constant regeneration throughout most of their lives.  The ever-changing hormones surging throughout the female body can cause […]

  • Exciting News-Ruby Is Pregnant!!

    Exciting News-Ruby Is Pregnant!!

    Are You Having Difficulty Getting Your Mare Pregnant? A natural and effective solution to balancing and regulating a mares reproductive cycle is Serene By Nature.  Mares may benefit with regular, and healthy cycles, from this unique bio-identical cream. A healthy cycle is essential to a successful conception and gestation. Here is a heart warming (and […]

  • BroodMares Sought for Sponsorship

    BroodMares Sought for Sponsorship

    Serene By Nature is Seeking Mares to Sponsor for Healthy and Successful Breeding’s! Breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and private owners, with breeding  broodmares, are being sought to benefit from a sponsorship of Serene by Nature cream. Serene by Nature cream is the new innovative, effective, and all-natural way to holistically support and balance the equine endocrine […]

  • What if USEF bans Medroxy for Geldings and Stallions…?

    What if USEF bans Medroxy for Geldings and Stallions…?

    What would happen in the show rings across the country if all the horses currently using Medroxy (MPA) were suddenly pulled off of it…? This could cause many show ring nightmares for the horses pulled off of their MPA, but as well, miss-behaving horses can often upset the entire show. Following the 2017 USEF Annual […]

  • Synthetic versus Natural hormones

    Synthetic versus Natural hormones

    Synthetic Progestins and Oxytocin are not the same as Natural Progesterone. Medical literature tends to equate natural progesterone with synthetic progestins and this assumption is altogether incorrect. These days horse folks are giving their equines synthetic hormones, just in the hopes of winning a blue ribbon, or even control breeding and gestation.