BroodMares Sought for Sponsorship

Serene By Nature is Seeking Mares to Sponsor for Healthy and Successful Breeding’s!

Breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and private owners, with breeding  broodmares, are being sought to benefit from a sponsorship of Serene by Nature cream.

Serene by Nature cream is the new innovative, effective, and all-natural way to holistically support and balance the equine endocrine system. We are looking for mares who could benefit from a Bio-Identical support for healthy breeding’s.

Serene by Nature is looking for five broodmares to sponsor from pre-conception to healthy full-term gestation.

Do you know of any mares that have been having difficulties either getting, or staying, pregnant? Send us the mare’s story and we will pick five mares who might most benefit from natural support. We will provide enough Serene by Nature cream to aide in conception all the way thru to a healthy foal.    Email your mare’s story to  Click here for a questionnaire.

All hormones are not created equal.

Even though the molecular structure of the steroid hormones is identical within the human, animal, and plant kingdom, that is not the case with synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, and are created from an altered molecular structure that is usually very different than the natural hormones found in humans, animals, and plants.

Their differences are vastly important and widely overlooked. Here’s one way to recognize how important this understanding is:   Progesterone is absolutely essential to pregnancy, and to life itself. Without adequate levels of progesterone, conception is not possible. If levels of progesterone drop in the first trimester of a pregnancy, a miscarriage occurs. A key component to a successful conception, and a full-term healthy pregnancy, is having balanced endocrine system.

For more information – check out our article in Holistic Horse’s February-March 2018 issue.


Serene by Nature’s nutraceutical topical cream may be beneficial for broodmares, nervous, spooky, hard to handle horses, and mares suffering from PMS (Pissy Mare Syndrome). Serene by Nature cream was created to help holistically balance equines during their regular seasonal cycles, which may help with attitude, performance, focus, and trainability.

Serene by Nature is the first ever bio-identical topical cream for horses, and it is unparalleled by any other product on the market.

With transdermal absorption as the best delivery system for this metabolic product, Serene by Nature cream is easy to apply and hassle free for fussy eaters.

Most importantly, Serene by Nature does not come with the myriad of serious health concerns that may be associated with synthetic prescription products. *Currently USEF is considering banning Medroxy for geldings and stallions.*

Serene by Nature cream has no known negative side effects or drug interactions, and is veterinarian tested, approved, and recommended. For those looking for alternatives to prescription synthetic hormones, Serene by Nature topical cream is the best possible choice.

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