What if USEF bans Medroxy for Geldings and Stallions…?

What would happen in the show rings across the country if all the horses currently using Medroxy (MPA) were suddenly pulled off of it…?

This could cause many show ring nightmares for the horses pulled off of their MPA, but as well, miss-behaving horses can often upset the entire show.


Following the 2017 USEF Annual Meeting in January, USEF President Murray Kessler created a panel to investigate, analyze, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the use of MPA. The panel recommended that beginning September 1, 2017, the USEF would require medication report forms to be filed for horses treated with MPA if the horse had received treatment within three months of the competition start date.

This usage data along with additional proprietary research will be assessed once available and further recommendations, if indicated, will be made at that time.

In March 2017, the USEF conducted a public workshop to address concerns that have been voiced regarding the efficacy, safety, and use of MPA in competition horses. Then in June 2017, USEF hosted a joint Town Hall with the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) at the Upperville Colt and Horse Show.

The next USEF committee meeting is January 2018 and the usage of MPA is a main topic on the schedule.

Due to the fact that MPA is not bio-identical to any hormone found in equines, it appears likely that at some point in time this ‘wonder drug’ may start being restricted, and possibly even eliminated, for competition horses.

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Medical literature tends to equate natural progesterone with synthetic progestins and this assumption is altogether incorrect. These days horse folks are giving their equines Medroxy, Regumate, and even Oxytocin, just in the hopes of winning a blue ribbon, or even control breeding and gestation. Progesterone is a specific molecule made by the adrenal glands or by the ovary during ovulation.  It is in every cell of the body including the brain.

Medroxy (and Regumate) are man-made prescription based medications that are not bio-identical to what is produced by the body.  Because they are not natural to the body synthetic progestins (and synthetic estrogens) can cause undesirable side effects and health risks.

Unfortunately, almost no testing has been done on equines to even begin analyzing just what negative side effects might be seen in the horses’ health.

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