Our Mission

Our Mission

In domestic life many horses suffer from health and behavioral issues that are directly related to an imbalance within their endocrine system. This is due to our industrialized way of life and the related exposures that are encountered by all.

Serene by Nature provides the sensible and natural choice for balancing your horse’s body and behavior safely, effectively, and without prescription drugs. (We women have been safely enjoying similar products for over 30 years.)

Our goal is to help your horse consistently be the best they can be by naturally supporting their metabolic system. Enabling your horse to be their best around the stable, on the trails, and in the show ring.

Welcome to our Serene by Nature Family!

Where your horse can be your dream horse, today and every day.

Serene by Nature topical cream was developed by Shelly Black, who has been in the equine industry and holistic health industry nearly all her life.

Serene By Nature at 2017 Equine Expo Sacramento
Shelly and Samson