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More from: C. Cook

I have been using Serene By Nature for 5 months now. My mare came to me after several years in pasture and relocating to a new home at a busy barn in Del Mar. She was very nervous, quite spooky and very unsettled, although very kind in her personality.

We tried to “work through” her nervousness, and we did make strides, but when we started her on Serene by Nature, it was like a turning on a switch. She became calmer and more focused almost immediately (let me say after two or three applications). I have not stopped using it since. I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to “products” although I did have the vet give her a shot of “Depo” once (and at $80 bucks a pop, that was not going to be part of her regular routine, forget the cost, but also not interested in shooting my mare up with hormones).


Serene by Nature has kept her on an “even keel” and I just ordered my second bottle. I recommend this product to anyone who has a nervous, spooky or unfocused horse. She has changed completely. She almost goes to sleep in the cross-ties.

We are Cook Training Stables, a husband/wife team in the Del Mar area for 30 years. We specialize in ALL-BREEDS and we have a background in eventing. Our goal with all horses and owners is to create a happy and harmonious relationship.  Check her out in this video…  


Here is a video from Jess with Millie about Serene by Nature cream…

Serene By Nature keeps the hormones level and gives you one happy horse. You can’t ask for more than that!  Check out my video…


Here is an updated (short) video of Millie with a before and after – WHAT a difference!


EVEN More NEW testimonials…!!  

We have been on the road traveling with my mare Ruby for several years since she was five.  She had always seemed to have a regular cycle but would have a very reactive day with erratic behavior. She has had times where she had gotten very painful and the erratic behavior got much worse.

We moved back to Michigan with the intention of being off of the road and able to breed Ruby. The first summer we were back her cycle was erratic and she lost the one pregnancy, the second year no pregnancy.  We used the various hormones, such as Regumate, typical with veterinary medicine but it was always trying to manipulate her cycle in positive ways.

This year we have been using Serene By Nature to help get her back to a natural cycle without hormones. Even with the irregular weather patterns making it difficult she was able to establish a regular cycle and during our two attempts to breed her she has had the largest follicles, regular timing, good edema, and a more relaxed cervix.

VERY happy to report that Ruby is 60 days pregnant thanks to Serene By Nature cream!

The cream use has also seemed to make her attitude better through her heat cycle and more focused.

Vanessa S.


Lipizzan/Tb gelding

Vince is a very sensitive horse, that gets excited and anxious very easy.

If things are not done the right way, for example with turnouts, he needs his buddy next to him otherwise he can’t relax and anyone new to him has to take time and let him get used to them. Vince is a very sweet horse when you get to know him and has the trust.

When it comes to working with him, he used to get himself worked up. I work him a lot in-hand and after asking him to trot he used to have a hard time to go back to a relaxing walk. I used the cream on him and noticed after a while that he was more focused and had it easier to go back to walk and even stretch his neck long and low.

That is a big step for him.  He still gets worked up when put out in the turnout and his friend is not there, but that is just how he is. I’m just happy he can relax and enjoy his work.


Andalusian mare

We got Mimosa last fall and she was so jumpy and very tense. We started to work with her to get her more comfortable around people.

I started to use the Serene By Nature cream on her and also gave her magnesium supplement, because her muscles were just so tense. After about a month, I noticed that she was getting a bit more relaxed, still jumpy if I did some sudden movements.

I continued the treatment and today she is a totally different horse.

She has always been very sweet and respectful. But now she is confident and enjoy working, not tense at all and I feel she is focused more on what we are doing than reacting.

Thank you, Serene by Nature, for making this product available. It helped our two horses that needed some extra help to be able to gain confidence and at the same time to relax?

Marie E.






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