Sponsorship Questionnaire

In today’s industrialized world, where we have become reliant on processed foods and we are constantly exposed to barrage of environmental toxins, healthy pregnancies are becoming more and more difficult to achieve for many equines (and humans alike). An imbalance of hormones may often be the cause of difficult conceptions and lost pregnancies. Naturally balancing the body is the best way to help support a healthy endocrine / reproductive system.

Serene by Nature is looking to help, by providing natural support via Serene by Nature cream. We are looking to sponsor 5 mares: from prior to breeding, to hopefully a successful conception, thru to a healthy full-term pregnancy.

Do you know of any mares that might benefit from this sponsorship? If so, please fill out the questions below and we will consider this mare to be one of our lucky recipients of this years’ sponsorship.


What is the age of this mare?

Does this mare have regular 21-day cycles?


Has this mare ever been bred?  If so, how many live births?


Has this mare had complications with conception or pregnancy? If so, please explain.




Has this mare had any veterinarian diagnosis’ or treatment for pregnancy issues? If so, please explain.




Is this mare currently on any synthetic hormones? Has she ever been on synthetic hormones? Please explain.




If this mare is accepted for sponsorship by Serene by Nature:

  • Will someone be able to apply Serene cream daily, at least once a day, but preferably twice a day?


  • Are you able and willing to keep weekly logs of the mares’ progress while using Serene cream?


Serene by Nature bio-identical topical cream is a natural remedy that may help support and balance the equine endocrine system. Restoring balance naturally takes time, and results may vary, so be please patient while nature takes its course. Serene by Nature makes no medical claims. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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