Equine Metabolism

Equine Metabolism and the Endocrine System

The functions of the endocrine system are directly responsible for a balanced metabolism. The endocrine system is driven by the steroid hormones.

The steroid hormones may look similar in their molecular structure, but their effects in the body are quite different.

Their physical differences are slight and yet they are responsible for determining between a male and a female, pregnancy and infertility, fatigue and energy, life and death.  A good attitude versus a bad attitude and overall good health.

The health of the endocrine system

affects every cell in the body, and all parts of the body including: the brain, bones, circulation, digestion, liver, kidneys, nerves, muscles, reproductive organs, and the immune system.

A healthy endocrine system has the powerful potential to help the body’s ability to resist disease.

Progesterone is the primary building block for all of the other steroid hormones. As the first in the chain of the remaining hormones, the proper amount is essential for the entire endocrine system to function optimally.

This alone signifies the difference between natural hormones and synthetic hormones which are incapable of performing the needed function of being a building block for the other hormones.

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If the endocrine system is compromised there is a profound effect on every aspect of the body and the mind.

When your horse is out of balance certain symptoms/behaviors may be noticed:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Over sensitivity or spookiness
  • Ovarian Cysts

A healthy metabolism is essential to over all good health AND a good attitude.

Always remember patience when trying to balance the body naturally, healing takes time.  A body does not get out of balance over night, and therefor the same will hold true for the healing and balancing process.

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