Synthetic versus Natural hormones

Synthetic Progestins and Oxytocin are not the same as Natural Progesterone.

Medical literature tends to equate natural progesterone with synthetic progestins and this assumption is altogether incorrect. These days horse folks are giving their equines synthetic hormones, just in the hopes of winning a blue ribbon, or even control breeding and gestation.

Progesterone is a specific molecule made by the adrenal glands or by the ovary during ovulation.  It is in every cell of the body including the brain.

Under the normal, healthy circumstances of a horses estrous cycle, progesterone is the dominant hormone for the first two weeks and is followed by estrogen, which is the dominant hormone for the third week when estrus (heat/season) begins.

One of progesterone’s

most important and powerful roles in the body is to balance or oppose estrogen.  When progesterone levels are in balance, excess estrogen is better handled.

The natural balance of hormones may play a key role in the following:

  • Attitude
  • Nervousness
  • Temperament
  • Fertility

Progesterone plays many roles in the body.  It is essential for life itself and is key through-out pregnancy for all creatures.

Synthetic progestins & Oxytocin

As the names imply, these are man-made prescription based medications that are not bio-identical to what is produced by the body.  Because they are not natural to the body synthetic progestins can cause undesirable side effects.

Unfortunately almost no testing has been done on equines to even begin analyzing just what negative side effects might be seen in the horses health.

For humans the known negative side effects range from increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and strokes, to gallbladder disease and blood clots, just to name a few.

Then there is Oxytocin.  Created for women to induce labor contractions, and induce abortions.  And horse folks are giving it to their mares to prevent ovulation.

Horse folks are giving their equines synthetic prescription hormones, just in the hopes of winning a blue ribbon.

The long term effects of altering the necessary bodily function of estrous are likely to be widespread and yet at this point are completely unknown.

While suppressing estrus may help one obtain a blue ribbon – is it a wise and healthy choice for your horses health?  Why take such a risk?

Especially when there are viable options available that naturally promote good health to help your horse win in all areas of life!

Balancing your horses health and attitude naturally just makes good sense.



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