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  • Mascot Millie’s Story

    Mascot Millie’s Story

    Hello! I’m excited you’ve dropped by! I have so much to share with you. Oh before I forget, my name is Millie and I am a Taffechan bred mare and my registered name is Taffechan Rhea Dargon. And I have the prestigious honor of being the official Mascot for Serene by Nature cream! About me, […]

  • Seasonal Mood Swings Coming Soon – Be Prepared!

    Seasonal Mood Swings Coming Soon – Be Prepared!

    Spring means warmer days, blooming flowers… and high horses! Why does my horse have mood swings? The ever-changing hormones surging throughout the female body can cause a plethora of changes in the way she feels physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the same for humans as for our horses. Do you dread when it’s ‘that […]

  • Check Out These Testimonials

    Check Out These Testimonials

    Fun Testimonials ~ with Videos ~ Shared by Happy and Serene Horse Lovers… Our latest testimonial is actually about a life saved by Serene by Nature!! Before using Serene by Nature my mare was an absolute terror. She attacked her grooms, flipped over on her riders, kicked, bit, and charged people (Once she even grabbed […]