Mascot Millie’s Story

Hello! I’m excited you’ve dropped by!

I have so much to share with you. Oh before I forget, my name is Millie and I am a Taffechan bred mare and my registered name is Taffechan Rhea Dargon. And I have the prestigious honor of being the official Mascot for Serene by Nature cream!

About me, where do I start… Well, between my third and fourth year of life I had 4 different sales to new ‘owners’.

While moving so many times, I met many other horses and started hearing stories of horrible neglect and abuse, and of constantly being ‘sold’ to the next unhappy human.


I was terrified. I didn’t want to be ‘un-liked’ by my human, and I didn’t want to have to keep moving over and over.

I felt very out of control and unsure of the future, and of humans.

** Be sure you check out my videos down below! I love being a video star and I appreciate folks taking the time to enjoy my YouTube Stardom. Thank you! **

Then one day a sweet and gentle human came to see me, just as I was into my fourth year of life.

The human who owned me at the time got out some bailing twine to get me out and lunge me around in circles. I wasn’t feeling great and my legs and hooves were hurting, so I didn’t lunge very well and I could tell the new human could see that I was lame.

I heard her ask about my training and when she learned that I had no training of any kind, and I had not yet even had a rider on my back, I felt doomed for sure!

But to my complete surprise she bought me and took me to a new home, with her as my new human.


My new Mum (Yeah, I finally found my first human “Mum”) was helping me gain my weight back, and my legs and hooves were actually enjoying being used again.

Mum began doing ‘ground work’ with me (No, I didn’t know what that was either, but it meant she did things to help us understand how to communicate with each other. Be sure to check out our video below…)



With this ‘ground work’ stuff, my mum and I learned how to do so many new and exciting things I can’t even remember them all!

I was SO amazed because I had never understood how to communicate with humans and I didn’t even really ‘believe’ it was possible.

But sometimes I had a hard time focusing

and I just couldn’t seem to consistently give my ‘all’. Too often Mum and I were having to have ‘discussions’ before we could even start the lessons. I could sense Mum’s frustration and I knew I was holding us both back a bit.



Then my mum found this cream called Serene By Nature and she applied it to my back legs.

The first day I thought “What the heck is she doing? Has she lost her pellets or something?”

But by the third day I was feeling better than I remembered feeling in a long time…

You know those moments in life when you feel totally ‘Spot On” and everything just works with perfect synchronicity?


You know, when you set about performing the task at hand with total focus and verve and it all flows with complete perfection, the kind of days where life just feels perfect.

That’s what I felt that memorable third day on Serene by Nature cream. From that moment on it has been full steam ahead for me and Mum! We are working on dressage and various forms of jumping (who knew there were ‘various’ forms, but there are!).

We travel on exciting adventures to many various competitions. Check out our video>>>

Now every step of the way I am really enjoying myself whilst on my Serene by Nature cream.  I feel fortunate, as I see the mares around in the barn, and at the shows, who are suffering from their ‘female troubles’. Some of them tell me they are given drugs. Drugs?! I’ve heard of those and I was always told to just say ‘No” to drugs, that they are bad for you.

I can’t imagine being forced to use them because just I was suffering with the ‘female troubles’ you hear about. I’ve heard that the mares feel ‘different’, like they don’t notice the birds singing in the barn, or the smell of Spring in the air. They sort of seem ‘out of it’ a little bit, ya know?


I am glad that my Mum found Serene by Nature, because as corny as it sounds, I feel naturally serene when I am using it. I don’t really know how else to explain the nice way I feel, so calm, focused, and eagerly ready for just about anything.

So, check this out!  In August 2017 we managed to qualify for the Dressage National Championships and came in a very respectable 7th out of 40 riders. This year we have qualified again but this time at Prelim, Novice and Elementary. The Nationals are held in September so watch this space.

Our aim is to register with British Dressage and qualify for the regional’s and nationals going up through the levels in 2018.

I’m really glad that I have Serene by Nature cream to help me with each day and each event, as I am confident I can face all that comes my way with just the right amount of calm and enthusiasm!

Be sure to stay in touch, as I have just barely begun my show career, and I intend to have a long and lustrous show life. So do please come along with me…  And here (proudly!) is another lovely video of ours for your enjoyment>>>

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