Seasonal Mood Swings Coming Soon – Be Prepared!

Spring means warmer days, blooming flowers… and high horses!

Why does my horse have mood swings? The ever-changing hormones surging throughout the female body can cause a plethora of changes in the way she feels physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the same for humans as for our horses. Do you dread when it’s ‘that time’ for you or for your mare?

Do mood swings from unbalanced hormones ever create havoc with your attitude or performance?

While we (human) females have hormonal cycles that average 28 days (in our reproductive years), a mare’s cycle is on average 21 days. Women have menstrual cycles that are about 5-7 days long and horses have their Estrus cycle for about 5 days, but usually only from about April through September.

Here’s an important comparison: Women experience pre-menstrual symptoms (irritability, mood changes, tender breasts, menstrual cramps, etc…) for about 1-3 days prior to a menstrual cycle, and then symptoms usually subside once menses begins. Mares experience Estrus for 5-7 days, which is the time when she may become problematic with her attitude and performance.Rearing-Race-Horse

Humans have only 3 types of estrogens, whereas horses have over 20 types.

The molecular structure of a hormone is exactly the same in humans as it is in animals and plants. Exactly the same. The estrogen in you is identical to the estrogen in your mare, at least for the three estrogens that we (women) have: estradiol, estriol, and estrone.

A note of interest here: Premarin (the synthetic drug many doctors still prescribe to menopausal woman) is a conjugated estrogen product made from pregnant mares’ urine. Premarin has 21 types of estrogens in it, meaning it contains 18 estrogens that are foreign to the human body.

Estrogens are opposed (and therefor balanced) by progesterone.

The balance between estrogen and progesterone is a primary key to the health and well-being of all females. The fluctuations between the two can be responsible for unwanted symptoms, for yourself and for your mare. An imbalance between these two hormones is sure to cause undesired conditions both physically and mentally.

All hormones are not created equal.

Even though the molecular structure of the steroid hormones is identical within the human, animal, and plant kingdom, that is not the case with synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones are pharmaceutic-ally made, and are created from an altered molecular structure that is very different than natural hormones found in humans, animals, and plants.

Their differences are vastly important and widely overlooked. Here’s one way to recognize how important the understanding of this is: progesterone is an absolute essential key to life, synthetic progestins can literally end life. Check out this article:

But, do we give this knowledge the respect it’s due?

Women today are more informed than ever about their bodies and natural solutions for optimal health. Horse folks tend to take even better care of their horses than they do themselves.

So why are we not stopping to question the use of these synthetic hormones in our mares?


Type in Depo Provera on Google, and you will find some pretty unsettling information as to the side effects. Yet, we’re giving Depo Provera and Regu-Mate to our mares so that they will behave in the show ring. We spend thousands of dollars on a single show because we want the BEST. So why take a shortcut that could affect the health of your mare? Or her handler, as if a horse coughs Regumate on their handler the possible health dangers are grave, as stated on the label.

Natural remedies for dealing with hormonal symptoms are readily available

for both humans and horses alike. One option that has been readily used by women for about 30 years now is supplementing with natural progesterone cream, a natural nutraceutical used by women suffering from PMS or menopausal symptoms. See:

Now there is a similar product available for equines called Serene By Nature cream. This is a topical calming cream which may be effective in promoting calmness, focus, less spookiness, and regular healthy seasonal cycles. For additional access to a wealth of healthy holistic horse options be sure to get your free copy of the Healthy Horse Holistic Handbook.

Every female is unique and as such will respond in their own individual way to natural remedies.

Always remember patience when trying to balance the body naturally, healing takes time. A body does not get out of balance overnight, and there for the same will hold true for the healing and balancing process.


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