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We are SO excited to be getting support and exposure throughout various media outlets!

Serene By Nature® is one of THE MOST innovative new products to arrive in the equestrian arena in years!

Horses and their owners all around the world are benefiting immensely from this wonderful all-natural way to help horses be their very best every day in every situation.

We are humbly appreciative to the many excellent publications who are sharing this one-of-a-kind calming product with all their valued customers and followers.

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American Horse Publications ~ Promoting Excellence in Equine Media

SERENE BY NATURE® is Ready for Spring – Supporting Mare Cycles with Natural Balance

Holistic Horse Magazine ~ Integrative Care for Horse and Rider

Horse Hippie ~ EcoEquine

Solutions for Your Bitchy Mare

The Horse of Delaware Valley ~ the Oldest and Largest Equine Publication serving the mid-Atlantic states

Healthy Horse Holistic Handbook ~ Everything Essential for the Mindful Equestrian

The Naturally Healthy Horse ~ Equine Nutrition and Barefoot Hoof Care

Riding Magazine ~ Serving West Coast Equestrians since 1986