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  • Today’s Horses ~ Stress and the Endocrine System

    Today’s Horses ~ Stress and the Endocrine System

    Today’s horses are experiencing more stress than ever!  Whether they are show horses, or endurance horses and even horses used for camping, all are subject to added stressors. With the show season in full swing it’s a good time to stop and take a look at how stressors may affect competitive horses. Horses are very […]

  • Exciting News-Ruby Is Pregnant!!

    Exciting News-Ruby Is Pregnant!!

    Are You Having Difficulty Getting Your Mare Pregnant? A natural and effective solution to balancing and regulating a mares reproductive cycle is Serene By Nature.  Mares may benefit with regular, and healthy cycles, from this unique bio-identical cream. A healthy cycle is essential to a successful conception and gestation. Here is a heart warming (and […]

  • Check Out These Testimonials

    Check Out These Testimonials

    Fun Testimonials ~ with Videos ~ Shared by Happy and Serene Horse Lovers… Our latest testimonial is actually about a life saved by Serene by Nature!! Before using Serene by Nature my mare was an absolute terror. She attacked her grooms, flipped over on her riders, kicked, bit, and charged people (Once she even grabbed […]