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  • Moody & Anxious Horses

    Moody & Anxious Horses

    Want a natural solution for Cranky Mares & Other Moody Horses? Do you know of any Cranky Mares? Check out this interview shared by Laura Stopper-Batts, The Horse Hippie. Three years ago, I was a presenter at the Horse Expo in Pomona, California.Ā  I had a Horse Hippie booth and gave presentations on Eco-Friendly Horse […]

  • Exciting New Press Releases & Publications

    Exciting New Press Releases & Publications

    Check out all our Current Press Releases! We are SO excited to be getting support and exposure throughout various media outlets! Serene By NatureĀ® is one of THE MOST innovative new products to arrive in the equestrian arena in years! Horses and their owners all around the world are benefiting immensely from this wonderful all-natural […]